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Our kids are a colossal challenge, aren’t they? Every minute of every day they can come up with a new trick and we’ve got to quickly learn how to handle it, otherwise we’re in trouble. And it is a known fact that what works for one family doesn’t work for another, and all kids are different. And when we finally find that something that WORKS, it will always work up to some point – and then stop.

To make it easier, there is a game mom and dad could play – it’s called “find and tell”. Whatever worked for you, Mom – tell the Dad. When you tried to wipe the face of your protesting baby and knocked down a bottle lid, baby started laughing and forgot about protesting – tell Dad about that little success. He will be able to do the same when it’s his turn to feed the baby. Now Dad – you may think that Mom knows it all, but you’d be surprised :). It is because women and men do things in such different ways, your little team has twice the chances to win – compared to every one of you alone. Dads can come up with solutions Moms would never think of and vise versa.