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If there is one thing I can tell you about moving home with a 10 months old baby, it is don’t expect it to be smooth and easy. If there is one advice I can give you – prearrange and outsource. Think about this day in all the tiny details and prepare everything you can beforehand.

We have moved home and it was one of the hardest days I had to go through, a lot of unexpected things happened and a lot of plans got messed up. So here is the list of what went wrong and what I would have done differently.

1) We packed most of the boxes and left just “a couple of things” to be packed in the morning of the moving day. Huge mistake! The sticky tape and the boxes have mysteriously disappeared and Rob had to search the whole house for them, rushing and cursing, he barely made it before the movers van arrived.

Note to self – leave nothing unpacked, everything should be ready and waiting before the moving day.

2) Our boxes didn’t fit into the movers van. Two weeks before the move Rob and I had a huge argument about how we will move our stuff, he insisted on hiring a van and doing the loading/unloading himself, I voted for removal truck and a couple of movers. We compromised on hiring a van with a driver that will help Rob to load and unload the things, and after that van was packed to the full capacity and all the gaps were filled, a pile of boxes and things was left and I remember looking at it in total shock, thinking “How the heck did this happen?”

Note to self – hire a big moving truck, remembering that one often underestimates the amount of accumulated possessions, especially the bulky baby stuff.

3) We got a late toll payment notice because with all the excitement of moving Rob drove on toll highway and forgot to call and pay the toll on time.

Note to self – next time plan the rout a day before and if it includes tollways, buy the passes in advance.

4) The cleaner we hired to clean the house after we’ve emptied it did a crappy job and I had to do some extra cleaning myself. It was exactly what I was trying to avoid – having to entertain a baby without any toys (everything packed) and to clean the house at the same time. Looking back I see why it happened – she gave us a quotation based on 4 hours of work and realistically speaking that wasn’t enough to thoroughly clean the house, I’d say it should take 6 or 7 hours. We chose her because she was cheaper than the others and that backfired when it turned out that she simply charged for less time than others.

Note to self – next time if a person gives me an unrealistic estimate, don’t hire them no matter what.

5) The new house wasn’t connected to electricity and gas on the day we moved. It was pure luck that Rob noticed it early, when he was unloading the boxes, called the company, demanded to have the house immediately connected (as we were assured by their email) and they sent someone to do whatever was necessary fix our connection. Apparently, although we have gone through their online process of signing the contract, confirmations and the like, something went wrong in their system and our customer file wasn’t created properly due to some computer error.

Note to self – don’t trust computer systems and online sign-up processes, do it the old-fashioned way, call the company and discuss all the details with a real person.