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It was really a highlight of my week – one of my favorite blogs SimpleMom.net has published my post “Have a Little One? You Don’t Have To Give Up Weekends Away”.

In case you are not already hooked on SimpleMom.net, let me tell you a bit about it. It is a genius creation of Tsh, a mom to two kids, a writer, a graphics designer and an entrepreneur. Looking at this blog, it’s hard to believe it was launched only a year ago. It’s designed in such a way that doesn’t distract you from the main reason you’re there – reading and learning about implementing simplicity in your life, productivity, home management hacks and a ways of spending quality time.

The idea of my guest post there was born when Tsh posted about the relation between productivity and quality down time. To say that I didn’t have much of quality down time lately would be an understatement. Ever since my son was born, weekends away became too difficult (or at least I thought so) – even for someone like me, who used to travel A LOT and obviously loved it. That post inspired me to arrange a weekend away for my family and to prove to myself that it can be done. Easily. We all enjoyed the time spent in the countryside and I felt like giving back.

The outcome was a list of the main issues that made going away difficult and a list of simple and easy solutions: how to spend less time cooking and more time enjoying, how to keep the kid happy and how to regain the order when vacation is over.

Have a read, I hope it helps you and your family enjoy many weekends away.

If you have more tips or feel like sharing your own experiences, I’d love to hear from you.