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Laughing kid Take it as a quiz. How many things your kids like can you name in one minute?

0 – You’re a crappy parent.
1 – You’re a forgetful parent.
2 – You’re a busy parent.
3 – You could have done better.
4 – Not bad, but you need to try harder.
5 – Ok, that’ll do.
6 – Stop making things up :)

Just kidding.

This question came from my mother in law who lives overseas and will be visiting us soon, she was looking for hints what kind of presents would make Eric happy. But no matter of the reason, it got me thinking – what is it that my kid likes?

With an almost-two-year-olds this is a tricky thing to tell. You can’t just ask them and wait for an answer. I figured that if it’s something he wants to do often and doesn’t need to be convinced into, then he must like it. If it’s something that puts a smile on his face – then he must love it.

Here is my list – and it took me about an hour, so whatever your answer was to the quiz, don’t feel bad :)

Eric likes

    1. Playing with trucks
    2. Reading books with mummy and daddy
    3. Going down slides
    4. Colorful balloons
    5. Watching basketball
    6. Dogs
    7. Dancing to music
    8. Outdoor trips
    9. Pretending to drive a car
    10. His Teddy
    11. His hats
    12. His Baby Einstein DVDs
    13. Playing hide and seek
    14. Bananas and oranges
    15. Broccoli and meatballs
    16. Unbeatable pasta
    17. Counting his fingers and toes
    18. Watching mummy and daddy dance

What do your kids like?