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We just had a weekend from hell. It was a getaway I was looking forward to for a month and Eric made it as unpleasant as it was humanly possible. He was cranky for 3 days in a row, it took me an hour every time to rock him to sleep and he was awake after 45 minutes. Rob was joking that in terms of return on investment, when you invest 60 minutes to get a return of 45, that investment sucks!

We finally returned home swearing not to go on holiday ever again until our baby is 20 years old. After a few days Rob was playing with Eric, tickling him until he started laughing, and TADA! – spotted two teeth his upper lip was hiding. Now it all makes sense – this is why he was waking up every hour at night crying, this is why he was miserable the whole day long.

Funny thing about teeth is that they come in couples. His 2 lower teeth appeared at once and the same happened with the upper couple. I guess that is a good thing, because for the same amount of pain at least a baby gets 2 teeth, not one. As for teething aids, I’ve discovered that celery sticks are great, I cool them in the fridge and he is happily chewing on them.