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Ever since Eric turned 8 months he refused to take bottles – so I started to teach him to drink out of a cup. We have tried them all:

Training cups with a spout that folds to prevent spillages
Baby sippy cup spout folds prevents spillage

Training cups with a valve that controls the flow
Baby sippy cup valve in spout controls flow

Training cups with a straw that makes it easier for baby to sip
Baby sippy cup with straw

Nothing worked.

He would fold the spout instead of drinking from the cup, he would chew on the spout because the valve was making him suck harder and he didn’t like that, and the cup with a straw was spilling all over so I had to return it.

Meanwhile I didn’t have a cup for my baby so I was pouring the water in a glass or a regular cup and holding it for Eric while he drank. At first he would make a sip and push it away, but I continued to offer and he would make another sip, and then another. After a couple of weeks he started to help me hold the glass or the cup. Another week passed and he was holding the glass himself, I only had to control the angle so that the milk would flow in his mouth. And what do you know – after one month he was drinking from a cup on his own.

I guess training cups are not the only way :)

Baby drinks from normal cup