Potty training, day 4.

Just when I though we were on the right track, came the morning of day 4 and proved me wrong. If yesterday was one step forward, this morning looked like two steps back.

Potty training, day 3.

Today I woke up in a much more optimistic mood. Some good night sleep can do wonders and I was ready to work hard on Eric’s potty training. Whatever it takes, right?

I was also not setting my hopes high to avoid unnecessary disappointments. If I get to clean mess the whole day, who cares, as long as we have just a little bit of progress. But it turned out to be a pretty good day!

Potty training, day 2.

If I learned something yesterday, it was that Eric needs to use the potty every 30 – 35 minutes. That knowledge gave me a good reason to keep track of time and sit him on a potty every half an hour.

No miracles happened.

Since the first day I kept a log of all the accidents, to track signs of progress – I was writing down the times of accidents (well, I was hoping to log in some wins as well). I will still keep on logging things, because otherwise it’s really hard to judge objectively the situation.

Potty training, day 1.

I thought I had everything prepared and ready.

  • Got the potty-training chart printed and taped to the toilet door,
  • Got a lot of star stickers to put on the chart,
  • Got a notepad and a pen handy to write down the times when he went to the toilet,
  • Potty training, step 2 – using a potty.

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    An innocent-looking, but dangerous toy

    Take a good look at this picture. Isn’t this toy just adorable? it’s a soft furry little sea lion, a present from a friend who brought it back from her travels. It’s been sitting on my desk for ages and I loved the way stress was fading away as I was stroking its fur. Little […]

    Comfort for the baby

    In terms of comfort there are 4 things about any high chair that I’d paid attention to:

    1. The seat needs to be wide enough.

    Some chairs have very narrow seats, I took Eric with me when we went shopping and amazingly he didn’t fit into 50% of the high chairs we tried. And he’s not a gigantic toddler!

    Imagine you’re in a store, standing in front of a row of high chairs. What should you be looking for?

    To me there is a number of things that I need in high chair. It needs to be:

    1. Safe and stable.
    2. Easily washable.
    3. Comfortable for the baby.
    4. Easy to handle for mom and dad.

    Every year we have 10 good months and 2 crazy months. Did I say crazy? I meant 2 wacky, insane, psycho, lunatic months. This is when Eric’s grandparents are visiting from overseas.

    Frankly, I find the whole situation ironic. They come and I quote “to help out with the kid”. But instead they turn our life upside down, drive everyone absolutely mad (family dog is no exception) and make me SO tired. Instead of looking after one child, I find myself looking after one child and two adults, who present constant and immediate danger to him.

    Family biking

    The last time I was riding a bike was 10 ye… wait, it was 20 years ago. Wow, it sure feels strange to have something happen to me 20 years ago. Anyway, they say you never forget how to ride a bike and that’s quite right. I still take wide turns (and I do mean a full-trailer-truck wide turns!) but other than that, I’m OK and feel confident enough to be riding with my little one.

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