If you just got here the first time, a little background: in my last post our family was facing a big decision: whether or not we should get a second car. For a mix of health and wealth reasons the decision was that I should get a bike.

I don’t know about you, but I came to hate expensive purchases.

We were facing a big decision: whether or not we should get a second car. Some of you would probably think that we live in Stone Age just because we didn’t have it already. How can you not have a second car?!

Defending your parenting choices.

Hey, you’re new! I love new people, welcome. You may want to subscribe to Baby-Log via RSS feed or via email. Thanks for visiting! Take it from me – there are a lot of issues in parenting you can lose a friend over. Read more… or Read more right here… » You can argue endlessly […]

Quiz : What do your kids like?

Take it as a quiz. How many things your kids like can you name in one minute? 0 – You’re a crappy parent. 1 – You’re a forgetful parent. 2 – You’re a busy parent. 3 – You could have done better. 4 – Not bad, but you need to try harder. 5 – Ok, […]

Since I can remember, frugality guides me in most of the things that I do. It doesn’t mean I get it right every time, nor does it mean I don’t make mistakes in my choices and decisions. Last vacation was the perfect example of such mistake, when frugal spelled disaster. Sometimes, certain things simply can’t […]

Toys That Last – Sassy Me In The Mirror

Babies love faces. One of the first things they see is their mom’s face, and probably the next one is dad’s. But how can they see their own face without a mirror? Ok, we have established that a baby needs a mirror. The one my baby had was Sassy Me In The Mirror and boy, […]

I can honestly say – I came this close to giving up. I was SO ready to dump the idea of leaving my kid in the care center and for SO many good reasons. Where shall I begin… In the 6 weeks he’s been going to the center, we were all sick with the bugs […]

Toys That Last – Baby’s First Blocks

To tell you the truth, for a while this toy was a source of frustration for me. But that’s just because of me, being a clueless, silly, first time mom.

Toys That Last – Tiny Love Fruity Pals

My sweet, sweet friends sent me these toys when my baby was born and I will remain forever grateful. My kid enjoyed them so much and for such a long time that I just had to tell the world about it, couldn’t keep it to myself. Meet my son’s three little friends: Read more… or […]

Toys That Last – Tiny Love double sided first book

If you’re thinking about a book for your newborn, then you’re a much more experienced parent than I was when Eric came into this world. But now, 20 months later, I have learned a thing or two about newborns, infants, babies and so on and nothing stops me form putting in my 2 cents worth. […]

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