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Weeman potty trainer At the risk of exercising your patience, there is one last thing I must add to my potty-training series. And I promise you, this will be the very last post about potty training, because I can confidently say that we’ve made it. 4 months since we’ve started and Eric is managing his toilet needs just fine.

But here is a thing that I’ve done wrong and I hope you don’t follow my footsteps – I bought him a Weeman toilet trainer, and it was an annoying mistake. At the first glance it looked great, and both I and my friend who’s got a two-year-old fell for it, but we both regretted the purchase.

Weeman is a piece of plastic that clips onto the toilet, and the great idea was for the boy to wee standing up, unaided. Sounds great, ha? Any busy mum would appreciate it – if it worked, that is.

This is how it’s supposed to work – clip it to the toilet, let your boy do his thing, fold the Weeman into the toilet bowl, flush, you’re done.

This short video is showing it all in action, click below to play:

In reality there are quite a few bits that don’t work.

First, the thing falls off the toilet. It will stay on if you clip it and leave it, but if you try to slide it to the side, so that you could sit on the toilet yourself, it will fall off.

Second, if your boy tries to empty it himself, everything will get spilled on the floor. Only an adult can manage to carefully lift the plastic pocket and place it above the toilet bowl before tilting it.

Third, when you leave the plastic pocket inside the toilet and flush, the plastic pocket is supposed to get flushed, but in reality this doesn’t work well and disgusting yellow stains are left on the pocket, forcing you to remove it and wash it every time, just like a potty.

All in all, Weeman was a waste of money and time, and a disappointment.

The verdict: we like peeing under trees better :)