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Training pants drying on a lineI thought I had everything prepared and ready.

  • Got the potty-training chart printed and taped to the toilet door,
  • Got a lot of star stickers to put on the chart,
  • Got a notepad and a pen handy to write down the times when he went to the toilet,
  • Got some track pants (easy to pull up and down),
  • Got 6 pairs of cloth training pants (look like a regular underwear but a little more absorbent)
  • Here is what I had planned for the day:

    1. Start in the morning by putting Eric in cloth training pants (just like Daddy’s, same color!)

    2. Start taking him to the potty every half an hour. Or, if he resists, at least asking him to go.

    3. Writing down times when he did a wee, for the 30 min countdown to the next “potty session” to begin.

    The fist 2 hours made me realize that getting my kid 6 pairs of training pants wasn’t the smartest thing I did in my life.

    I had to rush to the shops and get another 10 :)

    Scientifically speaking it was an interesting experiment. I found out that my kid does wee every 30-35 minutes.

    On a personal level I thought it was very frustrating. I was taking him to the toilet every half an hour. We didn’t leave the house the whole day for Eric to concentrate on the toilet training better, I was running out of resources and patience trying to keep him sitting on the potty until he does a wee or a poo. We were reading books, building pinnacles from blocks, throwing bouncy balls against the wall and doing smalltalk.

    Out of the 11 times he sat on the potty, not once did he do any wees or poos. Minutes after leaving the bathroom he was dripping and we had to go change. A big mistake of mine was not having a huge stock of socks available – I only thought of paints and underpants, forgetting that socks get wet as well.

    So not much achieved today – 11 pairs of pants, underpants and socks soaking wet, my potty-training diary shows a whole page of “accidents” and not one star on Eric’s chart. I’m afraid he’s thinking that the wetting the training pants and getting changed is our new routine.

    NOT looking forward for tomorrow.

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