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Girl sitting on a pottyJust when I though we were on the right track, came the morning of day 4 and proved me wrong. If yesterday was one step forward, this morning looked like two steps back.

A couple of times I tried to sit Eric on the potty – he did nothing. But then it was time to go outside for a walk and a play in the park, and as much as I didn’t like the idea of Eric peeing in the bushes again – well, we didn’t have any choice, now did we? :)

So on the bright side, he didn’t wet his pants even once the whole morning, but on the downside, he didn’t wet the potty either.

He had an afternoon sleep and when he woke up, as my book suggested, I sit him on the potty – and yet again we get nothing. Exactly 30 minutes after we get an accident again.

Then in the next hour I sit him on the potty twice – again nothing, and I am beginning to feel like an idiot, I mean how can I win here? He drinks plenty, I know that he needs to use the toilet every 20-30 minutes, and now this whole thing changes all of a sudden? How am I supposed to guess when he needs to pee if it’s irregular?

To add to my confusion, the next attempt was a big success, we managed to do a wee and a poo. And right after that, another chain of accidents. No matter how big of a celebration I made of his achievement, one thing doesn’t change – he won’t tell me when he needs to go.

I didn’t expect potty training to be fun, but here’s a confession – now I really miss the diapers :)

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