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Girl reading on a toiletToday some pretty unexpected things happened.

It all began as an ordinary potty training nightmare day – Eric woke up, we tried the potty, no luck, half an hour later we got ourselves another accident – well, what else is new.

But then I got sick of feeling like such a miserable failure and decided that we go to the beach. There are times in a mom’s life when she needs some distraction, and it was one of those times. So I packed a plenty of pants and underwear for Eric, because accidents were only a matter of time (or at least I thought so) and we drove to the beach.

It felt so much better to be outside, the sandy beach, the light breeze, that I instantly felt calmer. Eric was happily playing with the sand, digging tunnels and making cookies. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and even agreed to go pee on the sand.

Next we decided to go eat some sushi, his all times favorite, in a shopping center nearby. And then it occurred to me, oh my, what have I done?! What if we’re in the shopping center and he has an accident, with everybody watching?! But once the word “Sushi” was said, there was no taking it back and we simply had to go.

And then, it was one surprise after another. Eric agreed to go to the toilet in the shopping center. They have a small toilet bowl for kids there and it looks so cute. He climbed on the toilet seat as if he was doing it all day every day and peed. Woo-hoo!

From that moment on, we didn’t have a single accident. Eric still needed to be reminded to go and sit on a potty every half an hour, but every time he went, we had one more accomplishment. And his training chart was filling up with golden stars.

I am so proud of my little boy!

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