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Poo training signContrary to what you may think, our potty training is a long way from being over. What surprises me most is that all the books I’ve read are saying “bowel motions are easier for toddlers to get control of, compared to urinating”. For Eric it’s exactly the opposite. He will go dry for an hour (or even two) and will pee when I sit him on the potty, yet he will poop his pants.

It’s like he doesn’t feel when he needs to poop. He’ll come to me right after such accident and will tell me that he did it, but never before. So now I find it more difficult to train him to poop in the potty than to wee in the potty, because I only get one attempt a day and it’s hard to predict when, his bowel motions are not regular. When I see him going quiet and red, it’s too late already, and if I try to anticipate it and sit him on the potty after meals, he’s getting sick of sitting after 10 minutes and wants to run away.

For example, today we didn’t have a single wet accident the whole day, when we were outside – he peed in the bushes and at home he peed on a potty. Then in the evening after I fed him a substantial meal, my plan was to wait for half an hour, then sit him on a potty and wait for a poo, 10 minutes after the meal was over we had a big oops which I didn’t see coming – even though I was really watching.

The only thing left for me to try was to empty his “achievement” into the potty and explain to him that he’s not supposed to do it in the underpants, the potty is the right place, and as a prize for every time he does it right he gets to flush the toilet and, of course, a star. He understood everything and every word, yet I am not convinced we will have a better progress tomorrow.

(Sigh)… I am missing diapers again….

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