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Washing on the line After a week of intensive potty training I was reasonably sure that Eric can demonstrate his new skills at the day care. Ha ha ha (laughing bitterly). What a joke.

When I discussed potty training with the staff at the day care center, they assured me that there is a special procedure they follow for all the kids in potty training. They are taken to the potty every 30 minutes and that leaves little room for accidents. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Well…

The number 1 mistake they made was to sit Eric on a toilet, not a potty. He must have felt uncomfortable or not safe or just wasn’t used to it and refused to pee. They thought he didn’t need to go, and 5 min later he peed his pants.

And then it repeated about 7 times (judging by the number of wet pants I got back).

A good thing was that the center director suggested I pack about 6 – 8 pairs of pants in his bag. A not-so-good thing was that I got back a very confused little boy and a huge bag of laundry, twice the size of the boy.

What makes me angry is that I specifically told them he was potty-trained, with emphasis on the “potty”, and asked them to use it. But all the other kids were using the toilet and my guess is that the staff was trying to save the extra work of washing and drying the potty every time. Looking at how they do it, it was quite a bit of extra work – every time after he uses it, they put silicon gloves on, empty the potty, wash it, dry it, then spray it with disinfectant.

Well, I have only myself to kick for this – mess-ups are to be expected when you leave strangers in charge of your child. I just hope they didn’t ruin the progress he’s made so far.

I am SO going to make them use the potty next time!

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