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Reading newspaper on a toilet This will be the last post in the potty-training series, because guess what – we made it!

And when I say “we made it”, I mean that one month after an intensive potty-training week Eric is 98% dry through the day, wearing diapers only for sleep time. We still get an odd accident here and there, if I don’t remind him for too long that he needs to use the potty. But overall, he knows how to use the potty, can pull his pants down, sit on the potty, do his thing, get up and pull his pants back up, empty the potty into the toilet, wash it in a sink, put it back and even wipe it with toilet paper :) – all that without any help from me.

Even the child care center is not an obstacle any more. Once I figured what the problem was, it was pretty easy to solve. Apparently Eric didn’t like the potty they were using there, because it was neither stable nor comfy, and just didn’t feel right.

I spoke to the center director and asked her, how about I donate a potty of my choice and they use it with Eric, and she agreed. I got them the same potty we use at home (this awesome Baby-Bjorn), and that helped Eric to stop the accidents. His self-esteem improved too, because he wasn’t having the awkward situations when he needs a grown-up to help him change the wet clothes, and because he could manage to go to the toilet on his own.

Eric has no problems now using toilets in the shopping centers / restaurants, or using other kid’s potties (at his friends). He doesn’t miss diapers – and neither do I.

My toilet-training series ends here, and the next post will be on a completely different topic – I know you can’t wait :)

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