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Baby at the beachContinuing our trip to the beach that started in the part 1, we’re finally getting to the beach bag and its contents.

What should I put in my baby beach bag?

1. Obviously the changing kit – a swim diaper, a regular diaper for after the swim, a swim suit, a towel and a change of clothes. It’s even easier if you put a swim diaper on your baby at home – you won’t have to be fiddling with it on the sand. I use hooded towels for the beach, they are very convenient.

2. A blanket or a big towel to sit on.

3. Sandals – the sand can be too hot to walk on for gentle little feet.

4. Sunblock – SPF 50, water resistant, get the sprayable kind if you can because it’s faster to apply.

If your kid doesn’t like the sunblock, you can do what I do – dress him in an outfit that covers most of his body from the sun, don’t forget the hat. I’ve started doing this because he simply couldn’t sit long enough for me to cover his entire body with sunscreen.

When putting sunscreen on your baby, there are some easy to forget places like the ears, the back of the neck, feet and toes, or the scalp, where exposed. Don’t forget to apply again once the kid is out of the water.

5. A hat.

6. Some food – swimming can make a kid unbelievably hungry. Ever since Eric was 2 months old I’ve noticed that he starts screaming right after we take him out of his bath. I thought it was because he loves the water so much but my mom revealed to me that it’s because he’s hungry. I sure was glad she solved that mystery for me because he scared the daylight out of me :) What can I say – a clueless new mother, that’s what I was.

7. Some water – if the baby swallows salt water he will be thirsty later. Bring some extra water for washing sand off the hands and out of the eyes, I can guarantee you will thanks me for this tip :)

8. Toys – don’t reinvent the wheel, the traditional beach bucket and sand shovel will do just fine.

9. Inflatable baby pool. If you have time to spend on the beach and don’t have to rush home right away, this can be a great idea – set it on the sand and fill with sea water. Your little one will love splashing and playing in it and the water in the pool will be warmer than in the sea or the ocean, which means that he can stay in it longer.

If baby starts to eat sand, what should I do?

Don’t worry too much about it. Many kids do that until they outgrow this weird urge, it might be because of the salty taste or because they are teething.

You can try to explain to the kid what the sand is for – to play with, dig, build castles, put in the bucket, sit on, but it’s not good for eating. You can also make sure your kid is full before going to the beach to eliminate hunger as a reason for eating sand. If you are really worried, then check with your doctor to rule mineral deficiencies out.