Big changes happen when you’re not looking

I can not believe my eyes – my baby is suddenly sitting on his own! He maintains the balance, doesn’t use his hands for support, happily plays with the toys and doesn’t need to lean back. This is a major milestone and it takes some getting used to

My baby doesn’t like solid food

I took Eric to the “fussy eater” clinic today. Never in a million years I could imagine this scenario – my baby hates sold food. It has been a month and a half since I started introducing solids and there was no progress. I understand that some babies need more time than the others, but I was worried about two things – his iron level and that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I learned a new term “white noise”. White noise is the kind of noise vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and washing machines in spin cycle generate, and apparently babies love it.
I read that it helps them go to sleep and stay asleep – and desperately searching for anything to get Eric to sleep in his cot, I gave it a try.

The pram is dead, long live the pram!

My old pram fell apart and it was the happiest day of my life. We never liked each other – that pram made sure I was miserable every day of my life and I made sure I kick it at least once in the morning and twice in the evening.

A year and a half since I got pregnant and I feel like Phoenix reborn from ashes. I don’t shed hair any more, my gums are not bleeding when I take a big bite of apple, my stomach looks almost like it used to before I got pregnant, all the aching muscles I pulled carrying extra 18 kilos are healed and in fact, I am in as good shape as I was before the pregnancy.

At first it seemed like mission impossible. The only place Eric would stop crying and sleep was on my chest. I lost count of how many nights I fell asleep sitting on the bed holding him in my arms, I was so tired.

Help your baby sleep

I had no idea that babies can’t fall asleep on their own. It never crossed my mind that a tired baby might need help to relax, close his eyes and nod off.

I didn’t have a clue what clothes to buy for my baby. I don’t like shopping all that much, not to mention shopping with no idea what babies need. Luckily my colleague gave me 3 bags of clothes left from his boys.

Many things that are perceived as the most natural for women in reality are just not so. Let’s take the pregnancy, for example. According to some people, women were designed to have babies, so why is pregnancy so dangerous for woman’s health and giving birth to a child can even kill her?

First nights after birth

I spent the first night walking through the corridors of the hospital, rocking Eric in my arms and trying to comfort him.

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