How to help a baby sleep like a baby

Even with a routine in place I work hard to make every day a good one for Eric. He gets excited easily and I found out that if we leave relaxing activities closer to his sleep time (like going for a stroll), then he is more likely to settle without a fight.

How to entertain a baby all day long

Entertaining a baby is a juggling act and I am sure every baby is different – but here is what works for me. My trick is to not let him get bored, keep him moving from one activity to another. After he had enough of playing in his porta-cot, I let him crawl on the floor for about half an hour, then we try to master the skill of walking, play with the fridge magnets a little, then we go for a stroll in a the pram, to the shops – he likes to watch the people.

I knew that it’s a great idea to do exercises with my baby. It is pretty obvious that a small baby that can’t move needs someone else to exercise him – but what exactly should I do, for how long, how often etc, I had no idea.

So I started to look for instructions online and found this great program by Carrie Myers-Smith. It’s a complete course on how to exercise your baby and yourself while you’re at it. It starts with easy to follow instructions for a baby massage and continues to the complete baby (and mom!) workout.

It took me 6 months to get back in shape, six long months. During the 8 weeks after having the baby I tried my best to stay away form mirrors. A guy I know told me “Wow, you put a lot of weight on! If I met you on a street I wouldn’t have recognized you”– and I just wanted to disappear. Honestly, I didn’t believe that those 6 kilos of baby fat will ever leave me and buying clothes 2 sizes up was humiliating. I gained 18 kilos during pregnancy and was hoping that most of those belonged to the baby, but if we really think about it – 9 kilos were all the baby supplies, 3 to 4 kilos were Eric’s and all the rest were mine.

Perfect babies

Don’t you just hate the parents of those perfect babies? You know, the ones that sleep through the night, eat without making a mess, never have bad days, smile all the time and quietly play on their own with their little toys.

Don’t you just hate the people that say to you: “Your baby is waking up for feeds at night? Oh, that’s awful, you poor thing – at this age he must sleep through!”

Here’s a method to get a baby to eat solids

Unlike most of the babies, Eric refused to eat solids at 6 months. I tried everything, but he would spit out any food I gave him. I was really worried because I read that between 6 and 8 months a window of opportunity opens and it is the time to introduce solid food – I didn’t want to miss that window.

Babies know more than we think

Hey, you’re new! I love new people, welcome. You may want to subscribe to Baby-Log via RSS feed or via email. Thanks for visiting!Ever since Eric was 6 months old we started to teach him the word “Momma”. Other sounds like “baba” came naturally, he was babbling them all day long but every time we […]

First of all the teeth appear in pairs. Pair numbered 1-1 comes first, then the pair numbered 2-2 and so on. There is also a time frame for teeth appearance: first four pairs erupt in the first year, pairs numbered 5 and 6 – from 12 to 18 months, pairs 7 and 8 – from 18 to 24 months and pairs 9, 10 after the baby is 2 years old.

My baby’s first log book

Make no mistake: breastfeeding is natural but not easy. Even though at the hospital nurses and lactation consultants tried their best to train me (it was actually more like breastfeeding boot camp), the baby needs to figure out his own way. This is why the first 2 weeks were really stressful for me.

The joys of teething

We just had a weekend from hell. It was a getaway I was looking forward to for a month and Eric made it as unpleasant as it was humanly possible. He was cranky for 3 days in a row, it took me an hour every time to rock him to sleep and he was awake after 45 minutes. Rob was joking that in terms of return on investment, when you invest 60 minutes to get a return of 45, that investment sucks :)

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