Even before my baby was born I decided he will start swimming from 3 month of age. Well, it took a bit more than 3 months because we wanted to do the 4th month immunization first, but eventually we took Eric to the Aquatic centre. At first I was only going to let him swim with the Little swimmers (or Water babies, some course of that sort) but then Rob and I discussed it and decided that we want to let him try once on his own – to see if he even likes the water.

Why? For so many reasons:

  • I stress out when my baby is crying and I can’t comfort him.
  • I get frustrated and loose patience when he spits out the food I cook
  • I compare him to the other kids his age I know and get jealous of the things they do better
  • I shared my white-noise experiment (hair dryer as sleeping aid, link) with other mothers in the mums group and raised some eyebrows. A couple of mums agreed that we should use “whatever works” and one other mum said that she found salvation in sleep training.

    Our child health nurse told me that Eric doesn’t eat solids because he’s just not hungry. “Are you feeding him at night?” she asked. The minute I said “yes…” she maid up her mind – that’s the root of the problem, this is why he doesn’t want solid food. “Stop doing that and he will want his breakfast”. She did warn me he was going to be hysterical the first three nights.

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