Do you make these mistakes with your baby?

When your kid screams at you, what to you do? Do you automatically scream back “Stop shouting!’? I caught myself doing that and it wasn’t helping, Eric would keep on screaming louder and louder.

When your kid slaps your face, what do you do? It’s really tempting to slap right back, isn’t it? Just to show him what it feels like, so he learns that doesn’t feel nice. Ok, let’s get this straight – it’s wrong and won’t teach him anything except that hitting is acceptable.

Secret # 1: Staying close to mommy. Sit on the chair and hold the baby in your lap to give him the feeling of security.

Secret # 2: Get hygiene issues out of the way. Ask to have the scissors and comb disinfected.

there is a way to predict baby’s future height based on a simple calculation. For boys, take the biological mom’s height, add 5 inches (cm) and remember that number. The boy’s height will be between that number and his biological dad’s height. For girls, subtract 5 inches from her dad’s height – she will be between that and her mom’s height.

Ever since Eric turned 8 months he refused to take bottles – so I started to teach him to drink out of a cup. We have tried them all – training cups with a spout that folds to prevent spillages, training cups with a valve that controls the flow, training cups with a straw that makes it easier for baby to sip – nothing worked. He would fold the spout instead of drinking from the cup, he would chew on the spout because the valve was making him suck harder and he didn’t like that, and the cup with a straw was spilling all over so I had to return it.

Eric was approaching 11 months mark and I was still breastfeeding. To tell you the truth I never liked it and only did it because it was good for the baby. So once the level of “mom hormones” in my blood started to decline, breastfeeding became even less enjoyable.

Does your baby make his own soup?

I had a problem: Eric didn’t want to eat his lunch. He was turning the head from side to side, trying to escape from the high chair, when he was clearly hungry – really exercising my patience. I had to come up with something, so my solution was to let him make is own soup – yes, that’s right.

Did you notice how quickly they outgrow practically everything? I had a couple of months when I was shopping for baby clothes every other week – and I hate shopping.

So here is some tips I came up with to reduce the shopping and the hassle to the minimum:

6 reasons to accept used baby clothes

Many moms, especially new moms, won’t accept used baby clothes even from friends. For some reason they consider offering hand-me-downs an offense – when in fact there are many reasons to say “yes, please” and be happy.

1) The most obvious reason – it saves money that can be spent on something else your baby needs.

At first I tried to sit on the mattress holding Eric in my arms and rocking him – but he was fighting and crawling away from me, so that clearly wasn’t working. Then I put him in the cot and he started to scream – I lied down on the mattress beside the cot, said good night to him, put my hand through the bars and near him and just lied still.

Enough is enough – I had to get my baby to sleep like through the night and on his own, not in our bed. I think that our moving home created the opportunity for it – the familiar environment was changed and that made easier for me to break his sleeping habits. I tried to create new rules and get Eric accustomed to them.