Toddler girls hairstyles collection

My lack of imagination makes me work harder. My son needs a haircut and I didn’t have any ideas of my own, so I was going through photos on Flickr, looking for inspiration. Originally I was looking for boys’ cuts, but there were so many great ideas for girl’s hair, especially the simple ones that only require a hair clip, hair bow or a head band that I just couldn’t resist.

Everything was going well – at the age of 11 months we started to get Eric to brush his teeth; we bought him a soft little brush and he liked to hold it in his mouth and chew it. Eric was copying mommy and daddy and cleaning his teeth with our help, showing to his furry puppet friend how it’s done. I know, I know – too good to be true. And then after a couple of months… he just lost interest. Brushing wasn’t exciting any more.

Our dog is the sweetest, most harmless creature anyone could imagine. We often joke that if a burglar was to break in, she would lick him to death. She never fought with another dog (or even a cat) in her life and I trusted her completely around my little Eric. But one day she growled at him and if wasn’t there to take him away the next second she would have snapped at him.

How do I make sure my baby has a nice round head?

Change baby’s orientation in the crib every day.
One day, place your baby with her head at the head of the crib. The next day place your baby with her head at the foot of the crib.

My baby has a flat head and every time I look at him, I blame myself. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let this happen?

Now, with his hair covering the flat spot on the back of his head it is hardly noticeable, but I know that it is there. Luckily, it’s getting better over time and this little asymmetry is not life threatening, but the fact remains the same – it was an issue I overlooked and it could have been much worse.

My guest post over at

It was really a highlight of my weeks – one of my favorite blogs has published my post “Have a Little One? You Don’t Have To Give Up Weekends Away”.

What should I put in my baby beach bag?

1. Obviously the changing kit – a swim diaper, a regular diaper for after the swim, a towel and a change of clothes. It’s even easier if you put a swim diaper on your baby at home – you won’t have to be fiddling with it on the sand. I use hooded towels for the beach, they are very convenient.

Any parent who loves the beach and lives close to one is probably wondering when they can finally take their baby for a swim in the sea. We live 10 minutes away from the ocean and I was thinking about that a lot. Here are the main questions that were bothering me followed by the answers.

The second year of your kid’s life is a great time to start new traditions. Well, some will say that “Tradition” is too big a word for this “thing that we do” as a family, but I just like the way is sounds. There is this “family values that stick for life” feeling to it. I can guarantee that any tradition you start when your baby is 12 months old (provided you will keep doing it for at least 6 months), your kid will like and remember.

Ever since my son was born, every trip we went on I’ve noticed a slight feeling of disappointment. I wasn’t enjoying myself. Can you blame me? Running around chasing a little toddler, changing clothes, changing nappies, feeding, warming his milk, walking around the same tree for the twenty second time, it’s time for his nap but new things are far more exciting and he’s fighting me again as try to put him to bed, all that makes a trip to the most beautiful spot on Earth look like, well, too much work.

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