Potty training, step 1 – choosing a potty

Although not mission impossible, I knew potty training wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. As usual, I started by reading couple of books – any parent knows that reading just one is not enough, always seek second opinion :).

They did agree on one thing – that training on a potty chair is easier for a child than training on a grown-up toiled, even with a child seat. The next decision was on a potty – what kind should we get? I asked my mom for advice and she said: “Oh, just get the simplest one” and I though – that makes sense. It should be easy to find and also won’t cost a fortune. Boy, was I wrong…

Speaking to my friends who don’t have kids yet, I often imagine this picture – there is a one-way door leading to a passage, childless couples are standing before it and those who have babies and kids are on the other side.

There is no chance what so ever for people “before baby” to understand what the heck those freaky parents are talking about before they walk through that door. But then they can’t get back to the way they were thinking before – it’s a one-way door.

I was prepared. I packed my kid’s favorite soft toy in his little backpack, a change of clothes, a precise description of his routine at home, the likes, the dislikes, how he eats, drinks, sleeps, what he does when he’s frightened and how to calm him down, what games are his favorite and what music helps him relax.

Have you ever felt like “This is too good to be true”? Normally if things seem that way, they turn out to be that way, too. So now that I’ve found a child care center that sounds like “too good to be true”, does it mean that I’m incredibly lucky or does it mean that I’m clueless and just don’t see things as they really are?